Congratulations! You have decided to prioritize your fitness of your body and your love. You have decided to Get Fit Together. We appreciate the trust you have placed into our program and began this fitness and mental journey with us.

We can truly say without the shadow of a doubt this has been the most gratifying experiences we’ve ever received.  We always thought we knew the meaning of “Working Out Together.”  After one session with TJ and Aliah, we quickly realized what we have been missing.  The effort and consistency they’ve shown as trainers has pushed us to exceed our goals as a couple.  The amount of weight we have lost and the muscle gained and knowledge received has given us a better way to communicate and the confidence and motivation to do better each day. We recommend them to every couple we know!
Wes and Djuana
TJ and Aliah are incredible personal trainers. They really push you to work your hardest even when you “think” you can’t! The best thing about Get Fit Together training is that Hunter and I got a chance to work out together and get some “therapy” in the process. We started the program 6 weeks before the wedding. We recommend them to all of our friends and we are very grateful for what they have done for us.
Hunter and Amanda